L.A. at Play: Dolls & Figurines

The featured creators, dolls, and figurines of L.A. at Play: Dolls & Figurines collaged on an aqua background

NHM Online Presents
L.A. at Play: Dolls & Figurines

NHM Online Presents L.A. at Play: Dolls & Figurines, an exploration of creators and collectors of figurines and dolls that connect to L.A. history, culture, and fandoms. 

Fun, imaginative play—that is what many of us think of when we reflect on childhood memories of our favorite figurines, dolls, or toys. These objects range from collectible action figures to play dolls, and even creatures or monsters created for the silver screen. Dolls and figurines have captured our imagination and are collected by adults and children for their beauty, nostalgic value, financial value, or historical importance—and they transcend generations. 

In this series, which follows the previous year's Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories, we are expanding beyond baked goods and into bobbleheads, Barbies, and more. 

Join us all year long as we obsess over the creative process of the makers, collectors, and influencers in L.A. from various communities, cultures, and backgrounds—they epitomize L.A at Play.

You're a Real Doll, L.A.

The L.A. At Play story is not complete without you! Share your doll or figurine story and follow the stories of the makers who are contributing to some of L.A.'s most iconic fandoms--tag us @NHMLA with #LAatPlay.