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Sewing for the Gold
Conservators really like weird, unique problems. We’re not happy that something deteriorates, but we’re really fascinated to find out how that's happening.
One story goes that, in just half an hour, hundreds of auks were herded onto a single ship
Follow the Butterflies
Help us count butterflies!
Explore the Wild Outside
When yards and gardens become more wildlife friendly, the experience can be magical
Animals at Hart
Hart was devoted to the animals in his life: his pets, co-stars, and neighbors.
Gems of the Americas
Travel back in time with one of NHM's most beloved gems, this video from our vaults. 
The How and Why of Colorful Feathers
Equal parts ornithologist and evolutionary biologist, Assistant Ornithology Curator Dr. Allison Shultz has been investigating two questions throughout her research career: how are birds colorful, and why are birds colorful.