Earth Month 2024

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Earth Month 2024

Between the extraordinary research happening behind the scenes and in the field to the incredible community science happening in our backyards at NHM and La Brea Tar Pits, we party every day like it's Earth Day.

A Story a Day for Earth Day

To mark this year’s Earth Month, we’re showcasing the amazing work museum scientists and community scientists are doing with a fresh daily story or video celebrating that work and showcasing how you can make a difference for our planet.

How-to Nature

As residents of Earth, we face daunting human-made problems, and solutions have to come from all of us. Learn from our experts how to build an edible garden, dig into compost, and fashion a green space that’s a magnet for pollinators. 

Planet L.A.

Pull up to discover biodiversity through community science. Explore how paleontology from the age of dinosaurs can help shape our ecological future, how your garden can protect pollinators, and how your smartphone can help scientists make new discoveries through City Nature Challenge, the global eight-day biodiversity event, co-founded by NHM, that kicks off April 26. 

Science for the Earth

Explore how our groundbreaking research and vast collections documenting Earth’s history over millions of years support our commitment to inspire stewardship of our natural world. Whether through fossil digs, bug hunts, or ocean dives, NHMLAC is uniquely situated to gather, study, and share new knowledge about our changing environment.

Planting Ideas Community Wall

Planting Ideas, an interactive experience that offers visitors a chance to share their wishes for our planet and how they themselves can be agents of change. Visitors are invited to share one thing—big or small—that says what they can do to help save the Earth. Participants will be given biodegradable and plantable paper made from native California plants to post to a beautifully designed magnetic wall located on the Ground Level of NHM. Join us for this unique experience!

Planting Ideas Wall Earth Month NHM

Take Action With Our Community

Our scientists work with these organizations who are committed to stewardship, conservation, and sharing knowledge about our world.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Nature for All
Project Phoenix
Theodore Payne Foundation
Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation