Results of the 2019 City Nature Challenge

Over 150 cities from around the world competed in the 2019 City Nature Challenge. Worldwide, 35,126 people contributed 963,773 observations and 31,000+ species.

The winners in the big three categories were:

  • Observations: Cape Town, South Africa with 53,763 observations
  • Species: Cape Town, South Africa with 4,588 species
  • People: San Francisco, CA, USA with 1,947 observers

See the complete list of cities.

Los Angeles County made the top 10 for each category!

  • Observations: 34,125 (9th place)
  • Species: 3,249 (4th place)
  • People: 1,555 (2nd place)

Altogether, Los Angeles did tremendously well. Some of the highlights include:

  • Los Angeles had the greatest increase in number of observations over last year: an increase of 14,702 observations! 
  • Los Angeles had the greatest increase in number of people observing over last year: an increase of 700 people! 
  • Over 1/3 of our observers were new to iNaturalist in the two weeks before CNC began!

It's never to late to start practicing for next year!

Step 1: Find Wildlife
It can be any plant or critter in your backyard, schoolyard or park in Los Angeles County.

Step 2: Take a Picture of What you Find
Be sure to note the location of the critter or plant.

Step 3: Share Your Observations
There are four ways to send us your pictures:

  • Upload directly to iNaturalist app (download the app from the AppStore or Google Play)
  • Use #NatureinLA on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • E-mail your observation to
  • Text your observation 213-663-6632

iNaturalist How To Videos

Adding an Observation on a Mobile Device

Adding an Observation via the Web

How to Take Identifiable Photos

City Nature Challenge is brought to you by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences.