Our museums remain closed due to COVID-19. While LA County Public Health has entered Phase 3 of the Roadmap to Recovery, allowing for the reopening of museums on June 12, our museums are still slowly welcoming back staff and are in the process of planning for new health and safety protocols in our galleries and gardens. Therefore, we will not be reopening until later in the summer. Sign up here to be the first to know when we will safely re-open to the public and in the meantime, stay connected from home.

Donor Privacy

The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) are dedicated to maintaining and respecting the privacy of our donors and members. We handle your information with care and confidentiality.

Personal Information

NHMLAC collects the following personal information when a transaction is made: donor name, acknowledgement name, amount donated, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Donor information is used for the following internal purposes:

  • Distribute receipts for donations
  • Thank donors for their contribution
  • Inform donors about current and upcoming activities of the museums, including additional opportunities to support the museums
  • Track and analyze donor data
  • Comply with current laws and regulations governing disclosure and financial reporting
  • Comply with any reporting requirements related to specific grants or contributions

NHMLAC does not sell or lease donor information, however, the museums may occasionally exchange mailing addresses with other carefully selected nonprofits.

Donors have the option to select “Do not exchange my personal information” when making a gift or at any time by contacting us.

Donors are given the opportunity to unsubscribe from e-mails at the bottom of each message.

Online Donations

Your online donations are safe and secure. The museums use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect the confidentiality of your personal information and the security of your transaction. Transactions are confirmed by a follow-up e-mail, and we mail written receipts to donors. We will remove your name from our mailing list, e-mail list or telephone solicitation list at your request.

Please call 213.763.3426 or e-mail members@nhm.org with any further questions about our privacy policy.

The Donor Bill of Rights:

  1. To be informed of NHMLAC's vision, of the way the museums intend to use donated resources, and of the organization's capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.
  2. To be informed of the identity of those serving on NHMLAC's Board of Trustees and to expect the Board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  3. To have access to NHMLAC's most recent financial statements.
  4. To be assured their gifts will be used by the museums for the purposes for which they were given.
  5. To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of all contributions to the museums.
  6. To be assured that information about their donations is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  7. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization, or hired solicitors.
  8. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful, and forthright answers.