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L.A.’s OG Hawowshi

Amir Edward | The Original Hawowshi

Man in black shirt and bread close up

Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories celebrates L.A. history, heritage, and communities through the lens of bread.

Amir Edward, Chef and Owner of The Original Hawowshi, is bringing the flavors and rustic taste of Egyptian aish baladi (Egyptian flatbread) to L.A–with help from his grandmother.  He shares with us how she is the ultimate inspiration behind his business and how the relaxing and meditative process of breadmaking brings them closer together. He uses their homemade aish baladi bread to make hawowshi, a quintessential Egyptian street food, available to the diverse communities of L.A.

Click the link above to watch Amir’s L.A. bread story.

Woman and man making bread on kitchen table

Baking with grandma is an experience I am very lucky to have.  I spend time talking to her about her past and my past. It is quite an intimate relationship that she and I have because we spend so much time in the kitchen together–and we want to do it forever.

Amir Edward

Crumbs: Bonus Footage

Want to hear more about Amir's grandmother, Salwa Ibrahim? We do too! Check out the bonus footage below. 


To see what's cooking at The Original Hawowshi, check their Instagram at @theoriginalhawowshi.


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