The Monarch Butterfly

A symbol of dignity and resilience

The Monarch Butterfly

Source for the above photo: Courtesy of Molly Adams, Flickr 

The Monarch Butterfly 

The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County are proud to join the nationwide celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. Latinxs have transformed Los Angeles, creating symbols and spaces where their heritage continues to thrive.

Join Gallery Interpreter Diana Sanchez as she shares the symbol of immigrant resilience and dignity—the monarch butterfly.


Diana Sanchez Headshot

Diana Sanchez (she/her) is a Gallery Interpreter at the Natural History Museum of LA County. She studied Art and Art History at UC Berkeley, but her heart lies in education. She believes that the best way to create positive change starts with educating and creating empathy between the people and things that traditionally have not had a voice. As a daughter of two immigrants from Mexico, she aspires to make every space she walks into more accessible to people of color and historically marginal communities. In her spare time you may find her drawing, sewing, or teaching her parrotlet to say new phrases.