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Alligator lizard courtship
Nature in L.A.
Studying Lizard Love Through Citizen Science
Because this region is so big and so much of it is private property, we enlist people (aka community scientists) all across the region to help us study the local biodiversity.
A pair of southern alligator lizards in a bite hold and potentially mating
Nature in L.A.
They're Lovers, not Cannibals!
Our wet winter across the western U.S. is likely to make for an excellent spring mating season for alligator lizards, and we need your help to study their mating activity. 
A pair of Southern Alligator Lizards in a mating hold
Nature in L.A.
We Want Your Photos of Alligator Lizard Sex
Valentine’s Day is our annual reminder that we are entering alligator lizard mating season.
image Rattlesnake sliding across desert road in california
Misplaced Fears: Rattlesnakes Are Not as Dangerous as Ladders, Trees, Dogs, or Large TVs
In Southern California, rattlesnakes can be seen year round, but Spring and Summer have the most rattlesnake activity.