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Nature Comes Home
The results are in! A record number of people participated in City Nature Challenge 2020, mostly exploring in or near their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Celebrate Nature With Us!
Take the City Nature Challenge and meet the person who started it all!
The Greater Los Angeles
Egg Hunt
What better way to feel the healing powers of nature than celebrating the beginnings of new life while making a valuable contribution to science?
P-22 Show Interviews Miguel Ordeñana
Miguel Ordeñana joins the P-22 Presents Show to chat about animals all over L.A.
SnailBlitz 2020: The Search for SLIME rain or shine
The results are in from SnailBlitz 2020. See our photo contest winners!
Explore the Wild Outside
When yards and gardens become more wildlife friendly, the experience can be magical
Bats over Los Angeles with Miguel Ordeñana
NHM's Curiosity Show chats with Community Science Manager and Wildlife Biologist Miguel Ordenana and learn all about L.A.'s urban bats.