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Spaceport Fossils from French Guiana
How one small step for a spaceport in French Guiana led to a giant leap for Pleistocene fossils
A Taste of Tradition
Joe Ter-Poghossian | Mignon Chocolate 
A Rare Journey: The Jonker Diamond
Mineral Sciences Curator Aaron Celestian talks about the spectacular rare gem featured in the current NHM exhibition, 100 Carats: Icons of the Gem World.
NHM at the Movies
Discover the films that where shot at the Museum.
Ready For It?
What Taylor Swift and silent film era icon Mary Pickford have in common may surprise you.
A Landmark Anniversary for La Brea Tar Pits
Mark the 60th anniversary of La Brea Tar Pits' designation as a National Natural Landmark with some vintage photography. 
Halichoeres sanchezi: A New Fish Species from Mexico’s Revillagigedos Islands
How a team of marine scientists netted a fish species new to science with three dives off a far-flung island
What's in a species name?
Eponyms are scientific names for species that refer to people, but for mollusks, almost 90% of those people are men. Malacology Curator Jann Vendetti’s research explores the nepotism, sexism, and more behind the naming of species—and how we can do better.
From Butterflies With Love
A behind-the-scenes look reveals how the butterflies in our Pavilion help protect their native habitats
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Celebrating Women’s History
Recognizing the history of Women in L.A., past and present.