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Our Staff

Below is a full list of all Research and Collections staff, in alphabetical order..

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Our Staff

Stephanie Abramowicz
Scientific Illustrator, Dinosaur Institute

As illustrator and photographer for the Dinosaur Institute, Stephanie Abramowicz merges scientific research with artistic sensibility.

Valerie Ahumada
Coordinator, Community Science

Valerie works with scientists and community members through our Community Science office.

Trevor Alixopulos
Library Technician, Research Library

Trevor Alixopulos supports the services and holdings of the Research Library at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Austin Baker, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher, Entomology

Austin is managing a large initiative to sequence DNA "barcodes" for every insect species in California.

Vijay Barve, Ph.D.
Digitization Project Manager, Marine Biodiversity Center (DigIn)

Vijay is part of the core team for DigIn, our NSF grant-funded project to digitize marine invertebrate collections. As Project Manager, he works with staff at NHM and more than 15 other institutions to generate digital data about collections and move it online.

Corinna Bechko
Preparator, Dinosaur Institute
Kayce Bell, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator, Mammalogy (Terrestrial Mammals)

Museum collections form a vital component of Kayce's research on mammal and parasite diversity and distribution. She is interested in the processes that lead to new species and how host diversity impacts parasite evolution.

Brian Brown, Ph.D.
Curator, Entomology

Dr. Brian V. Brown, head of NHM's Entomology Department and Curator of Entomology, is an expert on the systematics of phorid flies, especially the tropical species of ant-decapitating flies, genus Apocephalus.

Yolanda Bustos, MAS & MLIS
Museum Archivist and Library Resources Manager

Yolanda Bustos directs all activities related to the museum archives, libraries, and library special collections at the Natural History Museum and La Brea Tar Pits.

Paul Byrne
Graduate Student, Dinosaur Institute

Paul Byrne is a Graduate Student-in-Residence in the Dinosaur Institute, conducting research at the museum in fulfillment of his doctoral degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Southern California.