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For many years, we've been adding fuel to the fire.

Living Wall

Where stone meets soil.

Nature Lab

Live animals and hands-on interactives show you L.A.’s wild side.

Discovery Center

Dig for dinosaurs, wonder at live insects, and organize your own diorama.

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First Fridays 2022

From Seeds to Psychedelics
First Fridays returns to the roots of well-being, reawakened with new ideas drawn from ancient ways. This season we look to the power of plants and fungi to save us.

NHM welcomes you back to the long running series featuring exciting live performances, eclectic DJs, and thoughtful discussions. Enjoy food and drinks in our Nature Gardens and explore the museum after-hours.

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Collect And Observe Bugs At Home

Learn about simple ways to collect and observe bugs with materials you have at home.

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