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Science of SpongeBob

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A partnership with Nickelodeon

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Let’s explore the Science of SpongeBob!

This World Oceans Day, get ready to explore the underwater world of SpongeBob with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

 Our real-life tidepools and beaches are full of wonderfully weird characters, just like Bikini Bottom. In fact, SpongeBob’s creator Stephen Hillenberg started his career as a science educator on the California Coast, creating the world that would become Bikini Bottom to teach kids about marine biology. NHM scientists are learning new things every day, and they’re ready to help you explore that world using real science!

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Meet the Experts

Bikini Bottom was built with a lot of imagination, but also a lot of science! At NHM, many of our scientists dive into the world of ocean animals, studying everything in the sea from teeny tiny crustaceans to fish of all sizes, and whales, which include some of the largest animals that have ever lived. Meet your guides to ocean life below:

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Did you know? Lobsters can live to be 200 years old and produce millions more eggs than younger lobsters.


Join a Virtual Event

Explore our oceans without worrying about the sunscreen! Or breathing underwater! Join NHM’s experts and educators for some deep dives into the sea from wherever you are. We’ll explore the ocean through a series of events looking at easy-to-access environments like tidepools, NHM’s Mobile Museums and so much more!  Find out what’s happening and sign up below!

Try it for Yourself

Bring your ocean discoveries home with these activities.

A partnership between NHM and Nickelodeon

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