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The Greater Los Angeles
Egg Hunt
What better way to feel the healing powers of nature than celebrating the beginnings of new life while making a valuable contribution to science?
Dyeing Dino Eggs
Dye your own eggs, dinosaur style!
P-22 Show Interviews Miguel Ordeñana
Miguel Ordeñana joins the P-22 Presents Show to chat about animals all over L.A.
SnailBlitz 2020: The Search for SLIME rain or shine
The results are in from SnailBlitz 2020. See our photo contest winners!
Ladies on the Black Lagoon
Few movie monsters are as instantly recognizable as Gill Man, the featured creature in The Creature from the Black Lagoon. But what do you know about the woman behind that iconic design?
From Giant Ground Sloths to Tiny Poops
Global tar pits reveal past ecosystems
Mind-Blown Science: Dr. Luis Chiappe and NHM's Extraordinary Plesiosaur
Dr. Luis Chiappe, Director of our Dinosaur Institute, explains why this giant marine reptile blows his mind.
A Different Kind of Prepping
For Vertebrate Paleontology Preparator James Preston, science doesn’t stop.
Feline Forensics
Watch this CAT scan solve a museum mystery.