Art of the Jewel | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Art of the Jewel:
The Crevoshay Collection

Opening December 7, 2018

Journey through the masterpieces of jewelry designer Paula Crevoshay, as we witness the transformation from mineral to gem to jewel. The Gem and Mineral Vault at NHM will feature over 50 luxurious pieces of jewelryincluding earrings, bracelets, and broochesmade of California tourmaline, Montana sapphire, moonstone, pearl, and black diamond, among others. Inspired by Crevoshay's passion for art, science, and the natural world, the jewelry takes the form of plants, animals, and insects, including orchids, butterflies, spiders, and more. Discover the natural process of mineral creation, the characteristics that define a gem, and the art that transforms them into elegant jewels.  


Paula Crevoshay

Known as the "Queen of Color," Paula Crevoshay is a renowned artist and jewelry designer. Her deep understanding of mineralogy, gemology, and the art of carving and cutting stone transforms raw minerals into luxurious jewelry.  


Free with Museum Admission



This exhibition was organized by Paula Crevoshay in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.