The Proceedings of the 13th International Polychaete Conference will be published as a volume of Zoosymposia. The lead editor will be Dr. Greg Rouse, assisted by co-editors Drs. Sara Lindsay and Bruno Pernet.

The aim is for each manuscript to receive at least two reviews. Funds from registration will be used to ensure that for all articles will be open access online, with this being funded by conference registration. The current page allocation is for a total of 450 pages, so we will limit manuscripts to a total of 10 printed pages for free, with each additional page being charged at $US16. The final number of pages per manuscript will be at the Editors’ discretion.

Basic instructions for authors can be found here.
Further details for submission following Zootaxa guidelines here.

We will provide further guidelines in due course.

All taxonomic works that result in new names under ICZN will need to be registered with Zoobank before publication.

Other nomenclatural advice for names governed by ICZN is here.

The deadline for manuscript submission will be September 20, 2019. We anticipate that publication will occur in the first half of 2020. Details about submission of manuscripts will be made available in due course.