Mid-Conference Excursion

A wonderful opportunity to relax and stroll through two of Los Angeles' major science museums and the historic, beautiful Exposition Park Rose Garden. We'll have lunch in Exposition Park, then take a group photo at the Allan Hancock Foundation Building at the University of Southern California.

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California Science Center

Located in a building that opened in 1912, the California Science Center is a major venue for science learning. Visit such amazing exhibits as Ecosystems, Air and Space, and World of Life. Don't miss the Endeavor Space Shuttle and the kelp forest aquarium!

California Science Center Endeavour Space Shuttle

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and Exposition Park Rose Garden

Opening in 1913, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the preeminent museums in the US, and home to one of the largest polychaete collections in the world. Notable exhibits include gems and minerals, dinosaurs, birds, classic dioramas, and a nature garden featuring native California flora. Adjacent to the Museum, enjoy the beauty of the Exposition Park Rose Garden, which has been a Los Angeles landmark since 1927.

Exposition Park Rose Garden and NHM

Visit to the Allan Hancock Foundation Building

After lunch we will walk over to the University of Southern California to see the Allan Hancock Foundation Building (AHF). Opening in 1941, the AHF was the major research center on polychaetes during much of the 20th century. Drs. Olga Hartman, Kristian Fauchald, and Donald Reish are some of the notable people who worked at the AHF. This will be a great opportunity to get a group photo on the steps of the AHF at the same location where Kristian Fauchald and Olga Hartman were photographed in 1969 by Dr. Dan Dauer. Don't miss it! 

Read the fascinating history of the Allan Hancock Foundation.

Alan Hancock Foundation, USC

All of the sights you can visit during the mid-conference excursion are within short walking distance.