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Here are two common California butterflies, the Painted Lady and Gulf Fritillary, feeding on the nectar of this Lantana bush.
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Come to our Butterfly Pavilion and see 30 species of flutterers take flight daily! Open April 12 through September 7.

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Los Angeles Butterfly Survey

The Museum is partnering with Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) to share data and learn more about L.A. butterflies and moths. Help us find and photograph them in Los Angeles.  


Why Butterflies?

We already know the butterfly species we are likely to find in L.A., all 236 of them. What we need to find out is which butterflies and moths we're likely to find when we plant the new Pollinator Garden in the Museum's upcoming outdoor exhibit, the Nature Gardens. When you submit images of L.A. butterflies and moths, we'll map the species closest to the Museum and determine which one's might show up when we start planting butterfly attracting plants.

                                           Butterflies and Moths of North America