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Left to right: Imperial topaz - Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Epidote - Rehoboth, Namibia; Gold - Grounghog mine, Gilman, Colorado; Benitoite - San Benito County, California
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The Gem & Mineral Council

The Gem & Mineral Council is a support organization for the Mineral Sciences Department and the Gem & Mineral Hall.  To learn more about how to join, visit The Gem & Mineral Council webpage.

Gem and Mineral Hall

The 6,000-square-foot Gem and Mineral Hall was opened in May of 1978 and is one of the finest permanent museum exhibitions of any kind in the Los Angeles area.


About Mineral Sciences

The Mineral Sciences Department curates a world-class collection that includes minerals, rocks, gems, ores, and meteorites and conducts research focusing on furthering scientific understanding of these materials. The department actively maintains the Museum's world renowned Hall of Gems and Minerals and provides general and scientific programming through the Museum's Gem & Mineral Council.

We have numerous blogs that focus on specific aspects of our collections, reserach, or events that are taking place.  Check out the links to the right to find out more information about what we do!  We are always updating our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter pages with new photos and topical discussions.


Mineral Sciences Staff

Aaron Celestian, Ph.D., Associate Curator

E-mail: acelesti@nhm.org
Biographical information / Research

Alyssa R. Morgan, MS, Collections Manager

E-mail: amorgan@nhm.org

Biographical information

Anthony R. Kampf, Ph.D., Curator Emeritus

E-mail: akampf@nhm.org

Biographical information / Research